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Transnational Action Plan for the management of agricultural and forest resources toward the increase of carbon stock

The objective of Carbon Pro project is to develop a range of instruments to facilitate the implementation of Kyoto Protocol strategies at a local level. Although local environmental policies have not been included in the Protocol, the development of management practices aimed at increasing carbon stock could bring about positive environmental results.
In the context of a lack of international guidelines on the application of the Protocol at a local level, the aim of Carbon Pro project has been to lay out some mechanisms that will assist local policy makers during the application of the Protocol.
Therefore the results of the Project will facilitate policy makers to take into account and integrate in their planning choices carbon stock oriented strategies, particularly those related to the management of forest and agricultural systems.

The current document, defined “Transactional Action Plan (TAP)”, has been carried out by a team of Carbon Pro partners with the aim to provide guidelines as well as to make data and information collected during the project lifetime available to local users.
In addition to that the objective of the TAP is also to provide to the reader an overall and brief insight into the Kyoto Protocol meaning and into the strategies that can be adopted at a local level in order to promote actions aimed at CO2 emissions reduction through carbon stock oriented practices.
In particular the document is organised in the following four sections:

  • An introduction, where the global carbon cycle is shortly described as well as the ecological mechanisms that connect the reduction of CO2 emissions and the mitigation of greenhouse gas effect to forest and agricultural areas management.
  • A brief description of the Kyoto Protocol and of the steps made by the Annex I Parties toward the final commitment agreement.
  • A Multiple Entry Table which shows the effects of different forest and agricultural systems management strategies with regards to CO2 uptake and other related effects. In addition to that general instructions on how to interpret the Table are provided.
  • The conclusions where the socio-economic effects determined by the adoption of specific rural areas management strategies are illustrated.
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