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database of representative areas

This database is the result of the analysis for the identification of representative cross border areas/territories of intensive monitoring, as foreseen in action 1.3 of the project.
Each partner identified areas that will be representative of the whole CADSES area, especially included in the following vegetation types:

  • mountain forests, represented by natural forests and mature alpine forests, closer to natural forests;
  • agricultural cropland and grassland;
  • Mediterranean forests;
  • fast growing forests in agricultural areas (poplar-growing).

For each of the selected areas, the partners collected a set of information (studies, researches, management plans, statistical information, etc.), in order to define:

  • the characteristics of the area: soil, climate, landcover
  • the management methods used;
  • the management strategies foreseen

All the information were collected in the database so it is possible to compare different series. For further details about the data collected and the localization of the plot areas is possible contact us at info@carbonpro.org

The database and relative information are freely available to the public and can be downloaded from the website of Carbon Pro project.
If you use the database in your research, we request that you include the following acknowledgement in the relevant manuscripts:
"Database of representative areas represents a contribution to the Interreg project Carbon Pro -Carbon balance drafting and new resources management tools according to Kyoto Protocol- www.carbonpro.org”


Open the database (external link)