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the mainstreaming action plan

The Mainstreaming Action Plan (MAP) is an important instrument for Carbon Pro project. It is referred to a concept in which all the innovative topics arising from project’s initiatives should be transmitted to target subjects, external to the project.
The general idea is to spread as much as possible information concerning the general results of the project and of the main specific activities carried out and also the scientific conclusions reached during the meetings of Transnational Technical Board (TTBs) and technical discussions among the partners.
The MAP indicates the instruments for an effective disseminations of all project’s innovations and activities’ results.

The target subjects of the MAP are a large variety of people, not necessary policy makers or public administrators who are the direct target of Carbon Pro, but all experts and citizens which could be interested in one or more achievements of the project.
So, during mainstreaming activities, a large range of bodies and institutions will be contacted:

  • National, Regional and Local authorities
  • Research centres involved in Carbon balance studies
  • Local institutions, where the measurements are carried out
  • Agro-forest schools
  • Wood industries
  • Agro-forest associations, professionals, forest technicians

The target area of the mainstreaming is also very large including countries participating to the project, all CADSES countries, other EU countries and also candidate countries.

All partners are involved in the activity of dissemination and diffusion of the activities of the project and MAP is the instrument for planning their mainstreaming activities.
The expected activities are very different, related to the target subjects and can be summarized as:

  • Publication of a newsletter
  • Leaflet describing aims, method and expected results
  • Press releases
  • Publication and articles on technical review
  • Local workshops

The MAP instrument are coordinated with other dissemination tools already foreseen by the project, including the web site (activity 5.2) and local working boards (activity 2.6).

The MAP and relative information are freely available to the public and can be downloaded from the website of Carbon Pro project.
If you use the MAP in your research, we request that you include the following acknowledgement in the relevant manuscripts:
"Mainstreaming Action Plan represents a contribution to the Interreg project Carbon Pro -Carbon balance drafting and new resources management tools according to Kyoto Protocol- www.carbonpro.org”

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