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Šumarski institut Jastrebarsko

Forest Research Institute Jastrebarsko

Department for Forest Management and Forestry Economics
Cvjetno naselje, 41
HR – 10450 Jastrebarsko

The mission of the Forest Research Institute is part of the National Program of Scientific Research of the Republic of Croatia and the Development Programme of Hrvatske šume d.o.o. (Croatian Forests Enterprise), Zagreb. It is to conduct research aiming in preservation and protection of forest ecosystems, their stability, productivity, biological diversity and genetic resources.

Forest Research Institute, Jastrebarsko was established on 1st January 1974 through the merger of the Institute for Forestry and Game Research, Zagreb (established in 1945); the Institute for Supervising Forest Seeds in Rijeka (established in 1951) and the Institute for Conifers in Jastrebarsko (established in 1961). Based on the Law on Scientific Research of 1993, the Forest Research Institute is a public institution owned by the Republic of Croatia.

Location, Structure & People
Forest Researcher Institute is locat ed in small town Jastrebarsko, approx. 30 km south-west from Croatian capital Zagreb. One department (Dep. of Forest Management & Economics) is located in Zagreb. Institute employs 69 people in five departments


  • Department for Improvement and Forest Seed Husbandry
  • Department of Ecology and Silviculture
  • Department for Forest Protection and Gaming
  • Department of Forest Management and Forestry Economics
  • Department for Nursery Production
  • Department of Common Affairs

Structure of Employees

  • 13 PhD's
  • 12 MSc's
  • 6 BSc's
  • 26 high school graduates
  • 12 others

Director of the Institute is Dr. Miroslav Benko.

The main sources of financing are the Ministry of Science Education and Sports, Hrvatske šume d.o.o. (Croatian Forests Enterprise), Zagreb and the production of forest seeds and seedlings as well as horticultural material.

Contact persons:

Dr. Dijana Vuletic
Dr. Dijana Vuletic
Head of Department

Department of Forest Management and Forestry Economics
Trnjanska cesta 35
HR -10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel. +385 1 6311580
Fax +385 1 6311588
E-mail: dijanav@sumins.hr
MSc Hrvoje Marjanovic
MSc Hrvoje Marjanovic

Tel. +385 1 6273000
Fax +385 1 6273035
E-mail: hrvojem@sumins.hr
MSc Elvis Paladinić
MSc Elvis Paladinić

Tel: +385 1 6311580
Fax: +385 1 6311588
E-mail: elvisp@sumins.hr
MSc Krunoslav Indir
MSc Krunoslav Indir

Tel: +385 1 6311586
Fax: +385 1 6311588
E-mail: kindir@sumins.hr