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Gozdarski inštitut Slovenije

Slovenian Forestry Institute

Department of Forest Ecology
Vecna pot, 2
SI – 1000 Ljubljana

The Slovenian Forestry Institute (SFI) is a public research institution of national importance, responsible for comprehensive research programme including silvicultural and spatial aspects of forests and forested landscape. Approximately one third of research programme is dedicated to public forest service. SFI has a long experience on organizing experiments and tests in e.g. the cause-effect relationships between forest ecosystems and the polluted atmosphere, forest management etc. Past or present participation in Community funded projects: NAT-MAN, 5FW EU; RECOGNITION, EU FAIR CT98-4124; SUSTMAN, 5FW EU, MONARPOP and Forest Focus programme.

Contact persons:

PhD. Primož Simoncic
PhD. Primož Simoncic
Head of Forest Ecology Department

Tel. +386 1 200 78 07
Fax +386 1 257 35 89
E-mail: primoz.simoncic@gozdis.si
Dr. Urša Vilhar
Dr. Urša Vilhar

Tel. +386 1 200 78 46
Fax +386 1 257 35 89
E-mail: ursa.vilhar@gozdis.si