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background and demand for the overall project

Origin of the project

The project was proposed by some public partner (Regione FVG and Regione Veneto) in order to define strategies for land planning of forest areas coherent with Kyoto Protocol policies. These bodies firstly enlarge the partnership to other public subjects aiming to represent the CADSES areas then involved research institutes for planning the activities of the project and scientific support.

Correspondence with the needs, strengths, weaknesses and constraints of the project’s
target groups and target regions

CARBON-PRO deals with the need for an integrated cross border management of agricultural and forestry resources to implement the demanding EU environmental policies and standards in order to undertake negotiations and formulate compensation policies with carbon credits and policies for reducing the release of carbon dioxide envisaged by Kyoto Protocol at transnational level.

Local situation, information on project partners

The Project concerns 7 cross border countries of middle and south-eastern Europe. Partnership member are administrative regional bodies, big cities with forests, research centres, forest management bodies. Membership of “old” and new EU member states and accession countries is balanced. The partnership equally involves scientific and administrative bodies, consultants and local operative bodies.

Preparatory work

In order to outline actions to be developed and responsibilities several contacts and exchanges of documents incurred among all project partners. 2 meetings took place in Udine and Padua (IT) involving some partners (Regional Authority of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto, University of Udine, CERE-Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy).

Existing institutional framework

The data collection and identification of CADSES cross border territorial areas of intensive monitoring will be supported by results of EU and national scientific researches, and by activities run through project “Integrated Project CarboEurope-IP Assessment of the European Terrestrial Carbon Balance” of Sixth Framework Programme, which is grafted on to CARBON-PRO.