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project principal data

Short description of the project

The project aims to share within CADSES countries best practices for the management of agricultural and forest systems, on the base of Kyoto Protocol policies.

The project framework includes 3 kind of actions:

  • creation of a complete database on agricultural/forest systems,
  • set up of models dedicated to public authorities for the best management and implementation into actual cases,
  • dissemination of the results and project management.

The database will be set up by mean of a census of technical and scientific existing reports
(WP1) and direct collection into sites particularly representative (WP2).

The set up of the management models (WP3) will be achieved by the integration of existing models and implementation of the database created within the project.

The results will be implemented (pilot actions) into planning documents produced by public authorities of the CADSES area (WP4). Moreover actions for the dissemination of the results (WP5) and project management (WP6) are foreseen.

Project duration

Date of project start: 01/04/2006

Date of project finalisation: 31/12/2007

Duration in months: 21